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Hi! I’m Cindy Heider Kaliff!

As a specialized practitioner for 20 years in the world of work and personal growth, I have the wisdom and savvy to help you unlock and manage your “intellectual property” so your hopes can be realized and your soul can be soothed. Having been inspired by Martha Beck’s book “Finding Yourself In a Wild New World: Reclaiming Your True Nature to Create the Life You Want”, I achieved certification as a Martha Beck Life Coach to help you better tap into your deep personal insight and become your most passionate, authentic self.

I wish to be your guide, an intuitive sojourner, to help you discover the potential of your future. You will find me to be a career shaman, helping you heal from job loss, career setbacks and the paralization of career indecision.

Navigating through the transition process can be exhausting! I offer the expertise to help you acknowledge and transform your losses and disappointments into viable career strategies and advantages.

You may be feeling isolated, devastated, infuriated! It is time to do a soul searching inventory of your skills and talents and reach for the opportunities that only you can fulfill.

William Ellery Channing said “Each of us is meant to have a character all our own, to be what no other can exactly be and do what no other can exactly do.” Your time is Now!


Dessa Noonan: Social Media Consultant
Stephanie Mahony MA: Special Projects Coordinator
Holly Heffelbower: Accompanist and Imagery Consultant
Ron Snyder PhD.: Career Coach & MAPP Facilitator
John Coffey: Career Coach & MAPP Facilitator
Lorrie Nichelson LMHP: Workshop Facilitation

“Thank-you for the loving kindness you show towards me and not giving up on me, although I may get stuck along the way” (CM)

“How can I thank you for the incredible insightful guidance you have provided me? As you know, it’s more than a career move – but a deeply necessary journey for my life’s path” (TB)

“We met during the lowest point in my life and career and you helped me beyond this in a positive and wonderful manner” (DY)

“I’m confident the resume and help you provided had a direct impact on my new employer hiring me” (AS)

“Cindy has assisted me at two turning points in my career and in each instance, she was instrumental in helping me channel my energy in new professional directions and teaching me how to articulate my transferable skills” (RR)