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Your Greatest Resource -Your Soul Centered Self!

The holidays is a heck of a time to engage in Job Search!   It seems that your contacts are all too busy to talk to you.   Maybe you feel as though you are not making progress?

Why not switch your focus to taking good care of you.   Yes…even if your resources are limited, investing in a transformative retreat sends the message to you, deeply, that YOU are worth it, YOU have what it takes and YOU will be successful in your job search in 2018.

For a Rejuvenating Beginning to 2018

Nurture Your Nature in Mesmerizing Costa Rica!:

Relax, Release, Restore, Renew, February 27th to March 4th, 2018:

  • Have delicious, native Costa Rican coffee every morning with fresh fruit!

  • Shop for crafts created by the Boruca people, indigenous to Costa Rica

  • Enjoy delicious and locally prepared foods every day!

  • Relax through daily, replenishing, movement, yoga, meditation and journaling

  • Engage in water color painting inspired by the beach, the flora and fauna

  • Stretch, Move, Walk, Dance, and celebrate every day in the freshness of the rain forest

  • Restore through a relaxing massage

  • Forge new friendships with like-minded, soul-centered professionals

    We invite you to join us for this transformative experience!


This is the Holiday Gift You Can Give Yourself!

It is not too late to sign-up for a tropical get-away…
to break the doldrums of the sometimes harsh NE Winter where the howl of the North wind is like a lone wolf in the artic!!  

This is a holiday gift you can give yourself! 

February 27th to March 4th 2018

 You deserve it!
 Imagine yourself relaxing on an exotic beach as the water laps at your feet –surrounded by palm trees and sunshine –sipping on a coconut water…
 See yourself being mesmerized by the panoramic view of the ocean through the canopy of the lush rainforest –with tropical birds calling your name-
Pura Vida! (Beautiful Life in Costa Rican)

Listen to the gentle sound of the surf out side your window.   Trade your alarm clock for the call of
toucans and spunky monkeys

Is this Paradise?
Yes!   You’re in Dominical, Costa Rica, relaxing at Villa Alturas a quaint, tropical get-away nestled in the lush elevations of Costa Rica with spectacular views, inviting pool and open air eating area for enjoying fresh pineapple, mangoes and papaya!

Costa Rica, world famous for it’s unique combination of luxury, natural beauty and adventure awaits you!

And…best yet…
it is adjacent to the
Alturas Wildlife Refuge!

Are You Ready To Join Us?
This is the perfect environment for you to relax, rejuvenate and learn deep body mind practices to liberate you from tedium!
You can sign-up today and earn mileage points on your credit card!

We are looking forward to spending time with you!
Pura Vida!

Bring Extra Sunscreen!

Welcome To Paradise:  You Have Earned It!

Experience the grounding of a swim in the surf and walk on the soft, smooth sand of the beach. Explore its natural caves and enjoy the refreshing ocean spray on your face and body!

Select one of the following excursions:

 Leisurely ride your horse to the beautiful Nauyaca Waterfall and swim in its crystal clear pool. You can do it! “Join” with your horse and allow him to take you on this refreshing ride of rainforest wonder.

Kayak and snorkel with certified bilingual guides who help us enjoy the various eco systems, tropical fish and underwater sea life. Push out into the ocean with abandon! Connect deeply with the sea and see your true nature be reborn!

Hike with a naturalist, partaking in a safe and fun ziplining experience through the rainforest canopy. Resonate with the lushness of the rain forest and identify sloths, toucans and monkeys. Let yourself experience the initial breathlessness as you zip through the canopy and feel one with the force!

Come for the sun and enjoy the fun and inspiration!

Find Yourself in Captivating Costa Rica!

Relax, Release, Restore Renew in Captivating Costa Rica:

Crave the company of like-minded professionals?

This retreat, by its nature, attracts open-minded free spirited professional with whom you can connect and share perspectives. Feel listened to and understood. 

Want to take back fresh energy to add more passion to your work? We will be sharing an environment of empowering thoughts that builds your resilience. Unique imageries that you can apply in your work setting will capitalize on manifesting and magnetizing a prosperity consciousness. By understanding the wisdom of the root chakra entitles you to a “Right Livelihood” you can open to the prosperity you deserve!

For more information…

Are You Sure You Are Ready To Retire?

If you are contemplating retirement, join us for this interactive workshop that will cover these topics:

Let Go: What parts of your current life will you be leaving behind and what new aspects would you like to explore?

Unleash Your True Self: What are your strengths and how can you translate them into options?

Create a Vision of Your New Future: What would your future look like if it was based on having fun, and yet being relevant and vital?

Join us on Saturday, September 30th from 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 the Thomasbrook Apartments Clubhouse, 5900 Roose St.   Register by calling Southeast Community College: 402-437-2700.   This “In Real Time” workshop offers you the opportunity to connect and strategize with other BabyBoomers.   Cost:   $79.00 per person or $119.00 for couples.

Boomer-ANG (Energizing the Zest!)

We are a partnership of individuals with a great interest in insuring that Baby Boomers experience the greatest time of their lives and leave impactful legacies:

Ron Snyder, Ph.D former administrator at Southeast Community College and current Southeast Community College Retention Specialist for the Learn to Dream program; and Cindy Heider Kaliff LMHP, founder and career strategist with Career & Life Options launched BOOMER-ANG to offer Baby Boomers opportunities to transition and transform. Join us this for this transformative workshop!



Energize Yourself

Ready to commit to a healthier life style that nurtures your body?

Every day you will be moving and discovering innovative sensory strategies that help you feel connected to the earth and yourself! Learn how movement can enhance your life and contribute to the health of those around you. Anticipate calming yourself and feeling more grounded.  Join us for a transformative experience Feb. 27th to March 4th, 2018

5 Reasons That You Deserve a Retreat

Join us in Captivating Costa Rica Feb. 27th to March 4th: this website!)

Retreats are good for body and soul and mind. They benefit you and everyone you love. This is why you need to go on retreat. This is why Costa Rica is calling for you…

1) Relax and Rejuvenate
When you remove yourself from everyday responsibilities, you give yourself a chance to catch up on rest, de-stress, and redirect your energy within. Recent studies show that the majority of disease is stress-related. Proper rest and relaxation counteract the effects of stress by strengthening your immune system. If you are Burned Out, Exhausted … and people are bugging the heck out of you … come away with us!

2) Gain a New Perspective
When you visit somewhere new, you give yourself the opportunity to see the world in a new light. By taking yourself out of your comfort zone, you’re able to experience the unknown with a sense of openness and vulnerability that can greatly accelerate our ability to evolve and learn. In this retreat you will learn and apply the wisdom of the Chakra System. I promise you that you will be fascinated by what you find out! This is an opportunity to push the re-set button by enjoying nature. You might even find you are connecting with your own soul and even the Divine!

3) Digital Detox
Let’s face it. We all spend too much time in front of a screen. Technology has opened up a world of possibilities by sharing creativity and awareness around the world, but being plugged in distracts us all from being fully present and aware of our immediate surroundings. On this retreat you will give yourself the gift of focus, and you will balance your body’s energy. You’ll do this through stretching, enjoying yoga, and movement. Reconnecting with your own body is the antidote to a digital life.

4) Reinvent Yourself
Do you feel like you’re stuck in certain roles? Letting go of them for an extended period of time can shift your perception about the roles we play and give you insight into how you want to interact with the world. If you are facing a cross roads in your life it’s imperative to allow yourself time for contemplation, to pay necessary attention to your our heart. This is your opportunity to rediscover your own, true nature, and reinvent yourself. Whether your goal is to be happier, healthier, feel more connected, or more physically fit, this retreat can help you intentionally transform. Consider this retreat as your wish card for becoming a better version of yourself.

5) Capitalize On Relationships
The better you treat yourself, the better you’re able to show up for those who need you. Taking time for yourself ultimately sends the message that you deserve to be respected and appreciated. Treat yourself to this time alone. You’ll find this small amount of time will improve all of your relationships, forge new friendships, and fill in some of the voids you feel within yourself. Come learn. Come reflect. Come heal. Come away with us to Costa Rica.

Chop up that “Failure”

What happens when we take a bold step, apply for that next job, go on that interview?  We can “fail”, right?  What does that really mean?   When we step forward with courage, we are always bolstering our own sense of “agency”, the ability to count on ourselves!

Elizabeth Gilbert, in her book “Big Magic” suggests we “chop up that failure and use it for bait to catch another project or job option”.

Bait that hook and send out the next application!

It Is Not Over Till It Is Over

Recently a client relayed his job search experience.   He had applied for a position with a company and had what he thought was a good interview.   He never heard from them.   He followed up with a call and still…nothing.   He was discouraged!   Then another type of position came available for the same company.   He was qualified to apply.   He moved past his resistance base on his negative experience.   He received a call…and yet another interview for the new position, that was actually a better fit!    They hired him!

We never know what is happening behind the scenes and likely it has nothing to do with us!   Persistence will pay off!   Stay out there!

Finding Your Calling

The first lesson in finding your calling is patience.   Many people lose their chance at greatness by chasing after a job that is the first opening they see.  We should wait and prepare patiently for our calling to arise like a star in the sky!   It will not rise early.   It will not rise late.   It will rise in the fullness of time-at the most appropriate moment.  you need not worry that you will not be ready.  It will not arise until you are.  You need not fear that you will miss it or fail to recognize it.  It is looking for you even more than you are looking for it.  It will help you to fulfill the purpose of your existence and your whole life is leading you toward it.

(From The Rhythm of Life by Matthew Kelly)