Boomer-ANG | Career Life Options


Are you a restless Baby Boomer making a transition from traditional work to new frontiers… and you would like some guidance? Would you like a venue to consider your vocational, avocational and vocational life options?

If you are intrigued to create a vision for the best years to come, join the Boomer-ANG Gang! Since our inception in 2014, we’ve been instigating programs and resources, inspiring and energizing Baby Boomers. Let us be your catalyst for fun and the creation of a new lifestyle starter kit! Our stigma busting efforts are aimed at refocusing thoughts and processes towards anticipation and growth.

Lighting Your SOULFire

Offered in Real Time… three times a year… three powerful topics, offered as a series, will help participants transition from their previous vocation and life patterns and transform their desires into meaningful options.

1) Let Go
Engage in activities that will serve as a Rite Of Passage, honoring your past accomplishments and gleaning from your experiences

2) Unleash Your True Self
Identify your strengths and discover how they are a beacon illuminating potential directions for consideration

3) Energize Your Zest
Create a vision of your future by developing enticing logos, bucket lists and time line to enhance your journey

This series is for individuals who are considering retirement or are already retired and searching for life options. If any of these topics peak your interest, this workshop is a must for you! (Check Facebook: BoomerANGang for current information)

Offered on-line quarterly, this 3 session series includes informational and experiential teachings and reflection prompts. Class community is in a secret Facebook group. Both “live” and on-line courses include a complimentary free session for early registration! Go to Purchase to register.

Feedback from February 2015 Seminar series:

“I love the camaraderie that is developing – the sharing, the level of trust, etc.”

“The group is helping me with my insight about “my stuff”. I’m glad to have a chance to laugh at myself”