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Counseling/Career Direction

Am I in the right career? How do I align myself and my career path with purpose? I just left my last job and I want to find an alternative career path.

If you’ve been asking yourself questions similar to these, Career & Life Options offers a thorough self-assessment to reclaim your skills, knowledge and talents. By identifying your personality characteristics you will reveal “best fit” occupational areas that can open up new horizons. With guidance from Career & Life Options, you can develop a career strategy to activate your ideal career match. The Career & Life Options Value Clarification process will serve as your compass to help determine those parameters by which you’ll make a career and job selection. Your counselor will be your ally by helping you develop the tools to determine your career path and set the course for maximum career satisfaction.

Resumes/Cover Letters

Baffled by what you should include on your resume?
Frustrated by guessing what employers look for?

Career & Life Options partners with you to create an energetic, appealing and persuasive resume and cover letter that will generate interviews. We know the right questions to ask to identify your past contributions and pinpoint your skills to powerfully highlight your value. We help you customize your resume through concrete examples that best reflect where you have been and where you are going. Our partnership process will help you focus your time for maximum results. Your new resume and targeted cover letter will add a sense of confidence and empowerment to your job search.

LinkedIn Profile

Concerned about your social media presence? Wondering how to convey who you are and what you can do for a prospective employer?

Translating your resume to your LinkedIn profile and offering the key words that will get the notice of recruiters and colleagues will be the aim of our work together. Effectively using the resources of LinkedIn to maximize your job search is another target of our work together. If you are a self-proclaimed introvert, these skills are a must to reinforce your job search activities!


Networking is one of the best ways to get a job, right?

With strategies designed to get you the right results, Career & Life Options has developed a program where talking to people “in the know” can help you get a job faster. Developing your conversation skills and bolstering your interest in reaching out to help others in a win-win relationship will assist you, philosophically embracing a method of outreach that will offer you a wonderful return for your efforts.

Effective Interviewing/Negotiating

Do you find yourself daunted by the new approaches to interviewing? 
Are you wanting more confidence and savvy to land that next job?

Preparing you with the things you need to know before going to your interview, interview approaches, and genuine, as well as targeted, interview responses will leverage your confidence and allow you to relax and see yourself as an active participant in the interview process. Practicing what to say during the interview and what to do after the interview to maximize your results will be a part of our strategy! Not only will you see yourself better prepared to navigate your next interview, you will have developed the ability to exude the professionalism that will help get you that next job. You will also develop a strong appreciation for your talents and skills. A solid understanding about the job market and what your skill set is worth will form the spring board from which you will successfully negotiate your next salary.

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