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Are you an employer at the crossroads with an employee that you need to release and are searching for the most supportive process to make this happen?

At Career & Life Options, we take to heart the needs of businesses. We offer corporate outplacement to fit any organization size, scope and budget. We also offer “optionizing” to help your released employees receive a “fresh” start in the job market, maximizing positive outcomes for your organization and the employee. You will find that offering “high-touch” outplacement not only positively affects your released employee’s morale and helps them generate the energy they need to conduct a successful job search, but also by helping them find a job sooner, they will spend less time using their unemployment insurance, and therefore create a cost savings for your company.

Your employees will receive comprehensive assistance. They will learn about how to manage the transition process, discover their strengths and talents through assessment, focus on their career goals through specific Value Clarification exercises, identify their unique “brand” and learn the art of self-promotion, develop an effective resume and cover letter, learn powerful networking methods to help them tap the hidden job market, practice and incorporate successful interview strategies and adopt methods of negotiation that will land them their next jobs.

We consider your employees our primary responsibility and afford them a positive connection and proven skills to help them make a successful transition to their next job.

An average package of six individual sessions and 15 group MAPP sessions (Motivational Accountability Partnership Program) are available for under $2,000 per person. Discounts available for provision of services to five or more employees. Go to Purchase to register.