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Career Jumpstart

Create a viable action plan to move your job search forward

5 sessions: Value Clarification/ Transition Counseling Career/Personal Assessment Job Search Strategies Resume Creation Cover Letter/Linkedin Profile Development


Career & Life Coaching

Assess Your Career Goals/ develop powerful marketing materials

Individual Sessions (1 to 11/2 hours)


Resume Development

Participate in the creation of a targeted, descriptive resume

Two Sessions (3 hours)



Provide for the transition and rejuvenating of your dismissed employee

Five Individual Sessions


Boomer-ANG’s, In Real Time, Lighting Your SoulFIRE Series

Ushering Baby Boomers through the retirement threshold, substituting stereotypes, negative beliefs and fears with fresh energy and options is the initiative of Boomer-ANG.   Boomer-ANG (the ANG stands for Anticipation N’ Growth!) was established to help Baby Boomers, exclusively, make this important transition with vitality and relevance.

Date TBA, from 8:30 am to 3:30 pm at the Thomasbrook Apartments Clubhouse, 5900 Roose St. (Close to 56th and Van Dorn, Lincoln, NE) 


Let Go | 8:30-10:00 a.m.

Engage in activities that will serve as a Rite Of Passage, honoring your past accomplishments and gleaning from your experiences

Unleash Your True Self | 10:30-Noon

Identify your strengths and discover how they are a beacon illuminating potential directions for consideration

Energize Your Zest | 1:30-3:30p.m.

 Create a vision of your future by developing enticing logos, bucket lists and time line to enhance your journey


$79.00 for singles / $119.00 for pairs

Attendance Choices


Energy Emerges is available on CD Baby

Energy Emerges

Energy Emerges is a collection of soothing and inspirational meditations designed to help you overcome obstacles and obtain the life and career outcomes you deserve! Each album contains four meditations. Each meditation has three versions: voice-only, voice with music, or music alone. Vivid prompts allow you to create a motivational visual template of the future. This powerful career bundle is available on CD Baby for $9.99. Individual meditations can be purchased for $0.99.

Facing Fear

“When we let go of the resistance to feel the fear, there is nothing left to resist at all…” (9 minutes)

The Quest

“You are surrounded by a strong feeling of courage. You have everything that it takes to move forward on the next leg of your quest…” (12 minutes)

Crossing the Threshold

“You are a person empowered by your decision to move forward. You have important work to do and it’s calling!” (6 minutes)


“Focus on your most desirable career or job. It is important that you believe it’s possible to have, think positively about it, and intend to have it!” (9 minutes)