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Longing for the opportunity to experience your soul’s journey? Wondering where to find like-minded souls that will share your experiences and value your gifts?

I have had the good fortune of partnering with Lorrie Nichelson LMHP. Together we have created enjoyable, playful and in-depth personal, intuitive excursions. We invite you to join us to discover your own gifts, integrate your past with a vibrant new future and participate in intriguing conversations and fun, creative activities to help you honor your life’s journey.

A few of the offerings facilitated in the past have been:

  • Pearl Diving:  Transforming the Disturbances and Honoring the Jewel
  • Awakening the Muse
  • Creative Wildfire
  • Treasure Mapping
  • Embracing the Soul’s Journey
  • Following Your Brave Heart
  • The Mother Wound
  • The Path of the Feather
  • Transformation:  A Sacred Journey to Unlock Your Potential