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Welcome to Career & Life Options!

This is a place where you can take off your shoes, breathe a sigh of relief and relax in the comfort of a relationship of acceptance and validation! I want to hear your story of challenge and disappointment in the job market! It can be an unfriendly place, no? We will transform your experiences into your own hero/shero’s journey!

I bet you are wondering “Who am I really?” and “Where do I go from here?” Imagine that I take your hand and lead you on a path of revitalization.

Career Counseling/Coaching

Intuitive guidance, opening your options based on your talents and inclinations


Providing sensitive and targeted re-direction to dismissed employees


Motivating courses and resources for Baby Boomers approaching retirement

Personal Growth

Tapping your soul fire to illumine and celebrate gifts and potentialities

Intentional Creativity

Exploring your inner landscape by inspiring unique personal outcomes through art, color and image

Your Future

I want to be your ally and advocate! With personal experience in navigating transition and coming to my own sense of peace and joy (That I want to share with you!), I can help you realistically, creatively and thoughtfully find your place in a world that needs your talent. You’ll experience re-defining who you are and realize you can be so bold as to determine your own path! With the assistance of Career & Life Option’s proven job search techniques, you will see yourself with a presence in the job market that you never before imagined!