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Relax, Release, Restore, Renew

in Captivating Costa Rica

Feb. 27th – March 4th, 2018


Are you looking for an opportunity to be re-energized and balanced? This retreat is open to all!

If you believe in LIVE IT TO GIVE IT, nurturing and rejuvenating yourself, first, before making a difference in the world – join us for a replenishing excursion February 27 to March 4th, 2018 in lush and beautiful Costa Rica.

When you return home after this journey:

  • You will feel healthier and happier
  • Your stress will be diminished through the exploration of your root chakra, which balanced and harmonized your energy centers
  • You will have taken some reasonable risks and had fun doing so
  • Replenished and inspired you will find yourself listening to your own kind, inner voice
  • The entire experience will leave you feeling fresh, natural and energized!

You are Worth it! Join us for an Experiential “Live it To Give It”. This retreat, open to all.

By saying “yes” to this retreat, not only are you putting yourself first, but you are giving your mind, body and spirit a chance to reset and re-store!

Imagine yourself relaxing on an exotic beach as the water laps at your feet –surrounded by palm trees and sunshine –sipping on a coconut water… 

See yourself being mesmerized by the panoramic view of the ocean through the canopy of the lush rainforest –with tropical birds calling your name – Pura Vida! (‘Beautiful Life’ in Spanish) 

Listen to the gentle sound of the surf out side your window. Trade your alarm clock for the call of toucans and spunky monkeys.

Is this Paradise?

Yes! You’re in Dominical, Costa Rica, relaxing at Villa Alturas, a quaint, tropical get-away nestled in the lush elevations of Costa Rica with spectacular views, an inviting pool and an open air eating area for enjoying fresh pineapple, mangoes and papaya!  Costa Rica, world famous for it’s unique combination of luxury, natural beauty and adventure awaits you!

And…best yet…it is adjacent to the Alturas Wildlife Refuge! Enjoying the indigenous animals of the rain forest, sloths, macaws, monkeys and more… offers you a vital connection to your own instinctual nature.

And There is So Much More…

Are you looking for an opportunity to really get away and relax?

Over 6 days and 5 nights we’ll be pampering and engaging your body in daily yoga, movement and meditation.

By having the opportunity to focus on you, synchronicities will occur, relaxation eases in and your cares will melt away.

Ready to be intrigued by non-traditional healing arts?

You will learn experiential techniques of the shaman’s for honoring your body as the sacred temple within you. Paramount in our deep dive sessions, you will learn to measure chakras, identifying and transforming energy to reach optimal health. Plan on taking away FIVE proven stress-busting techniques!

Feel out of touch with your body?  By committing to “grounding” yourself you will experience being dynamic, alive and fully present in the here and now.

Want to pamper yourself and release your own stress?

You’ll be enjoying the amazing health benefits of massage, therapeutically combined with essential oils to sooth sore muscles and improve your circulation.

Let go of any burdens of your work! You’ll feel a deep release from clearing and cleansing your “root chakra”, the vital launching pad to connect, liberate and then begin manifesting your desired future.

Ready to commit to a healthier life style that nurtures your body?

Every day you will be moving and discovering innovative sensory strategies that help you feel connected to the earth and yourself! Learn how movement can enhance your life and contribute to the health of those around you. Anticipate calming yourself and feeling more grounded.

Is eating more healthily on your  “to do” list?

While enjoying nourishing meals prepared with local flair, you will find yourself realizing the benefits of and committing to healthy eating. Every day you will enjoy fresh fruit and vegetables prepared with love by the cuisine staff at Villa Alturas.

Crave the company of like-minded others?

This retreat, by its nature, attracts open-minded sojourners. Feel listened to and understood.

Want to take back fresh energy to add more passion to your work? We will be sharing an environment of empowering thoughts that build your resilience. You will experience unique imageries that will help you capitalize on manifesting and magnetizing a prosperity consciousness. The wisdom of the root chakra entitles you to “Right Livelihood” and the prosperity you deserve!

You will have the time of your life in this corner of paradise! Prepare for an inspiring, chakra clearing, energy infusing and mind- expanding retreat, a peaceful, relaxing get away and a fun filled adventure! Leave your worries behind and just breathe.

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Your Facilitators

Cindy Heider Kaliff M.A., LMHP
Connie Rose M.Ed, Senior fellow BCIA
Carol Cunningham M.S., LMHP
(The three Cs)

Having explored Dominical Costa Rica together, we are determined to provide you with the most delightful experience you can imagine.

Come with us to relish your life, wholeheartedly!

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Cindy Heider Kaliff

I have gravitated, naturally to what is emotional, spiritual and psychological. I began my love of working with Chakras in the 80’s. Honed by my work with Intuitive Healer, Dr. Christine Page and my completion of her certification to Navigate the Soul’s Journey, I am very happy to share in our retreat how you can tap into the wisdom of the “root” chakra for balance and rejuvenation!

In my own journey, I have been replenished by creatively responding to my intuitive instincts. Gaining Shiloh McCloud’s Intentional Creativity certification allows me to infuse artistic flair into all the trainings to which I contribute.  (I think you will enjoy having your own set of Yummy Yummy glitter gel pens!)

 In 2016 I bought a condo in Costa Rica. I enjoy the beauty and freshness of Costa Rica, annually and I am so looking forward to sharing this beautiful country with you. The other two C’s are veteran Costa Rica enthusiasts!

My completion of Martha Beck’s Life Coaching course, influenced me to continually challenge my limiting beliefs and keep inviting more joy and bliss into my life. You will see reflections of this work sprinkled through our retreat! Yes…there are always more issues to explore but why not laugh, sing, dance and share our way through them! Come join us for a transformative experience by coming on a: Relax, Release, Restore, Renew in Captivating Costa Rica. Pura Vida!

Carol Cunningham

I love the great outdoors, the stars and the stages of the moon. I also love my home and my own personal space. After 25 years as a Mental Health Therapist/Marriage and Family therapist I returned to a passion of mine working in the field of Developmental Disabilities. This time around helping staff be their best in providing quality supports for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities bringing value to their lives. Through this work I have learned much about myself, challenged myself and taken myself out of my comfort zone. I have learned that we all have our own Flow of the Day which is important to maintain our focus, our own organization, and keep our body in sync with our daily activities as well as understand when and why we get out of sync at times.

My relationship with the other two C’s over the past 34-60 years has been a blessing in not only my personal life but also my spiritual life, emotional life, and oh how I’ve grown knowing them both.

I’m excited to share some of things I’ve learned and what we all can do to feel better each and every day in a fun and maybe a silly way.

Connie Rose

I have loved learning and teaching from the time I was a small child. I’ve always been serious in my studies starting out in a career in Life Sciences where I did research in Biochemistry. However, I missed connecting with people as the beakers and flasks never engaged in conversation! I decided to make a change and became a Stress Physiologist and Biofeedback Therapist. For 26 years I worked for a hospital counseling center, facilitating on average, 20 groups a week, teaching stress management, assertiveness, anger management the physiology of stress. I very much enjoy teaching about stress and relaxation using my serious side as well as humor to help people understand the consequences of stress and anxiety and the importance of relaxation. I have completed coursework on Mind-Body Medicine through the Center for Mind-Body Medicine. I hope to share what I am learning and have it make a difference in people’s lives.

I love having fun, singing and dancing and connecting to nature. I’ve always been physically active. Playing sports in the past, I was the most fabulous of anybody on the team (This is 100% True!)

The 2 Cs have enriched my life both spiritually and emotionally through ups and downs for the past 3 decades. I’m very, very excited to offer this retreat with them!

Here are the three “Ns” from the three “Cs”!

Nuts and Bolts:

  • Explore the essence of the “Root” Chakra as a vital launching pad to connect, liberate and then manifest

  • Learn to measure Chakras like a shaman, to see alignments and determine imbalances

  • Adopt the knowledge base of energy medicine and tap into 5 proven effective stress reduction methods

  • Receive and embellish a “medicine jar” containing 5 special healing tools

  • Identify your own body centered strategies to keep you calm in the eye of the storm

  • Begin each day with 5 easy stretches to correct posture imbalances from too much sitting and too much computer work!

  • Learn and assimilate 4 powerful meditation/imageries designed to Explore, release and imagine optimal health

  • Engage with others in Deep Dive discussions about our Relationships With Our Bodies, Burn Out Prevention and Prosperity Consciousness


    • Experience the grounding of a swim in the surf and walk on the soft, smooth sand of the beach. Explore its natural caves and enjoy the refreshing ocean spray on your face and body!

Select one of the following excursions:

Challenge yourself beyond your comfort zone! Select an excursion that offers just the right amount of adventure and see yourself increase your appreciation of risk!

    • Leisurely ride your horse to the beautiful Nauyaca Waterfall and swim in its crystal clear pool. You can do it! “Join” with your horse and allow him to take you on this refreshing ride of rainforest wonder.

    • Kayak and snorkel with certified bilingual guides who help us enjoy the various eco systems, tropical fish and underwater sea life. Push out into the ocean with abandon! Connect deeply with the sea and see your true nature be reborn!

    • Hike with a naturalist, partaking in a safe and fun ziplining experience through the rainforest canopy. Resonate with the lushness of the rain forest and identify sloths, toucans and monkeys. Let yourself experience the initial breathlessness as you zip through the canopy and feel one with the force!


  • Have delicious, native Costa Rican coffee every morning with fresh fruit!

  • Shop for crafts created by the Boruca people, indigenous to Costa Rica

  • Enjoy delicious and locally prepared foods every day!

  • Relax through daily, replenishing, movement, yoga, meditation and journaling

  • Engage in water color painting inspired by the beach, the flora and fauna

  • Stretch, Move, Walk, Dance, and celebrate every day in the freshness of the rain forest

  • Restore through a relaxing massage

  • Forge new friendships with like-minded, soul-centered professionals

What is Included:

  • 4 mornings of Deep-Dive” Mind/Body/Spirit and Root Chakra balancing sessions

  • 2 evening “Talking Stick” group discussions designed to honor your body as a sacred temple and release destructive patterns that may have been holding you back

  • 5 delicious and nourishing breakfasts and lunches (Recommendations for dinners)

  • Boutique accommodations for five nights in the cozy location of Villa Alturas

  • A luxury massage

  • A shopping trip to enjoy the native crafts of the indigenous Boruca people

  • An adventure option for horseback riding, kayaking/snorkeling or ziplining

  • Animal gazing and appreciating at Alturas Wildlife Sanctuary

  • Sun and surf on the beautiful beach of Playa Ventanas

  • Daily Yoga classes

What is Not Included:

  • Your round trip airfare from home and car rental (We’ll organize car pooling)

  • Souvenir shopping, personal phone calls, laundry, etc.

  • Personal medical or trip cancellation insurance

  • Evening meals

  • Alcoholic beverages

  • (We will provide direction and direct you to all the best local eateries)

If you want to come earlier or stay later for some additional exploration, we can help you create an itinerary! Transport to and from the Airport in Quepos only available under your trip plan if you are arriving on Feb. 27th and leaving on March 4th.

Your trip will be all preplanned with opportunities to ground yourself, embrace your root chakra and restore your natural energy source. Anticipate exciting adventures, enjoyable, yummy local food, massages, yoga, opportunities to see indigenous wildlife, soak in the sun and absorb the energy in the lush, natural environment and the opportunity to enjoy the therapeutic rhythm of the sand and surf.

Contact Karen Jordan Neal at Van Bloom Travel Agency, 402-435-3232 for making travel arrangements from your location to San Jose, Costa Rica. They can help you sign up for Travel Guard Insurance. From San Jose there are two choices on how you can reach Villa Alturas in Dominical, Costa Rica.

1) Contact Nature Air 1-800-235-9272 for flights from San Jose to Quepos, Costa Rica. (a 20 minute flight over the mountains) We will pick you up at the airport in Quepos and bring you the 40 minutes to Villa Alturas, or

2) Contact Rachel at Pineapple Tours and arrange for a shuttle which gives you a 4 hour scenic drive to Dominical. We’ll pick you up and bring you to Villa Alturas. All travelers are requested to be at Villa Alturas by 7 p.m. on Tue. February 27th.

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